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Pain Forum Frankfurt

The Pain Forum Frankfurt was started in 2001 and is based on a bilateral cooperation between the pharmaceutical company Aventis and the “pharma zentrum” of the University of Frankfurt. The Pain Forum Frankfurt focuses on pain research in degenerative joint diseases, such as osteo-arthrosis. This cooperation has already led to a joint publication regarding the development of a drug.
Osteo-arthrosis is the most prominent chronic, degenerative joint disease and affects approximately 500 million people world-wide. The main symptom of this disease is pain. Therapy approaches so far are unsatisfactory since the available drugs usually provide only minor alleviation of the pain. In addition, when these drugs are used in chronic therapy, the occurrence of serious side effects is quite high.


Prof. Dr. Dr. Gerd Geißlinger
Clinic of the Johann Wolfgang-Goethe University, center of Pharmacology

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