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Acute High Risk Leukemia

Aside from examining widespread diseases, ZAFES also looks at diseases effecting a smaller number of patients. One of these so called “orphan indications” is the acute high risk leukemia found in children. The cause of this disease is a so-called chromosomal translocation of the MLL-gene. Microbiologist and ZAFES Board member, Prof Dr. Rolf Marschalek, of the Institute for Pharmacological Biology, along with Prof. Dr. Thomas Klingelbiel, director of the Frankfurt Children’s Clinic, are dedicated to researching this life threatening disease. Approximately 600 children worldwide are effected by this disease each year. Marschalek and Klingelbiel aim to fully understand the mechanisms involved in this disease, and to optimize the diagnosis and therapy. Their goal is to develop novel therapeutics which are able to interfere in the phatogenic mechanisms responsible for this type of leukemia. These rational therapy approaches could increase the survival rate of affected patients. The preliminary test systems are established in preparation for a pharma-screening, which is done in order to identify pharmacological leads. A pharma screening can only be done in cooperation with industrial partners who are contacted and coordinated through ZAFES.

For more details see the article in “Forschung Frankfurt” 2/2004


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